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France Google 1 billion Euro penalty


At the beginning of the year, Google was fined in France for failing to comply with the confidentiality of personal data. This time, Google will pay another 1 billion euros on charges of failing to comply with the tax return.

France Google 1 billion Euro penalty

Even though technology giants earn billions of dollars every year, they see taxation as a nightmare and are constantly looking for ways to avoid taxation. Google, one of them, was unable to evade tax this time.

Continuous compensation penalty comes

The investigation of not fully reporting tax activities between French state institutions and Google for nearly 4 years has resulted in a penalty of 1 billion Euros. Google has agreed to pay the fine.

The investigation, which began in 2015, alleged that Google Ireland Limited did not fully report corporate and value added taxes for the period 2005-2010. In 2016, Google’s Paris office was raided by police. The investigation resulted in a fine of 1 billion euros in compensation. In 2017, the Paris Administrative Court ruled that the penalty be annulled, but the Ministry of Finance appealed.

With the adoption of the appeal, a penalty of 1 billion euros was finalized. The fine amounted to 500m euros in compensation and 465m euros in additional taxes. Earlier this year, Google was again sentenced to a 50m-euro fine in France for investigating the privacy of personal data.

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