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For older iPhone models, the end of the road has appeared!

For older iPhone models, the end of the road has appeared!

It is often said that the life of a phone depends on software support. If we accept this, we can say that the end of the road has come for some older iPhone models. It seems that older models, which still have a user segment that cannot be underestimated, will be unplugged.

Older iPhone models may not get iOS 15 update

The iPhone 6S, which debuted in the last quarter of 2015, and the iPhone SE (first generation), which debuted in the first quarter of 2016, have received major updates since their release. The fact that they were supported by major iOS versions for almost five years was a plus that pleased users. It must be time for analysts to argue that iOS 14 is the last update for these two iPhone models.

Apple did not release the iOS 14 update for iPhone 6 models and older iPhone models. The iPhone 6S, which is more powerful in technical terms and newer as a release date, was the oldest phone to receive this update. Now we can safely say that the two models we are talking about will probably not receive the iOS 15 update. In this way, Apple will focus on the iPhone 7 and later models.

However, it was a big advantage that both models were supported from iOS 9 to iOS 14. When we look at the Android front, most manufacturers don’t offer more than two Android updates to their devices.

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