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Follow the topic comes to Twitter feature

Follow the topic comes to Twitter feature

Twitter continues to develop new features for users. Today, instead of people, a feature that you can follow certain issues appeared to be added.

Social media giant Twitter has recently come up with many new features. Today, it turns out that a feature that you can follow specific topics will be added. It is aimed not to miss popular posts by following the topics you are interested in instead of following people directly.

Testing in Android app

Tests started on Twitter application for Android said. For now, sports-related issues can be followed. For example, you can follow up the topic about your team and see all kinds of sharing from different accounts. Or you can directly follow sports such as football, basketball.

When the tests are completed, subject tracking will be available in many places. For example, the company spokesperson cited the example of following the topic of your favorite series. Of course, thanks to the silent feature, the last section of the spoiler without thinking that you do not eat.

The main purpose of Twitter is that users can focus on topics without thinking about which accounts to follow. It is also the first time we have seen this feature on a social media platform. Instagram has been keeping track of topics for a long time.


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