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Folding@home COVID-19 Research Accelerates with CUDA Support

Folding@home COVID-19 Research Accelerates with CUDA Support

Users can support the Folding@home project from home with the software they run. Included CUDA support makes research run faster on NVIDIA GPUs.

In the early stages of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we talked about the Folding @ home project. NVIDIA also supported this project and invited PC users to fight the virus. Later, this support grew like an avalanche and the processing power of the project reached enormous levels.

To summarize, in this project, people download an application and start running it on their computers. While this application is running in the background, it consumes as much resources as we determine, and the power of our computer is used in some important studies. COVID Moonshot uses the number computing power of Folding @ home to evaluate thousands of molecules per week and synthesizes hundreds of these molecules in their quest to develop a patent-free drug for COVID-19.

Returning to our topic, CUDA support was included in the project thanks to NVIDIA engineers. Thus, GPU-sourced projects will run much faster. Standard GPUs will see a 15-30% speed increase in most Folding @ home projects. Moreover, there are those who observe a 50-60% speed increase in some older generation cards. Ultimately, scientific efficiency will increase with the power of these GPUs.

COVID Moonshot represents a continuing expanding network of volunteer science running protein dynamics simulations on personal computers. COVID Moonshot is also a crowdsourcing, open science and drug discovery project. When projects like this are successful, patients suffering from COVID-19 will have the opportunity to benefit from low-cost and non-patentable drugs.

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