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First predictions for iOS 14! iPhone splits in two

First predictions for iOS 14! iPhone splits in two

Entering into the life of iOS users on September 19, 2019, iOS 13 has had a great impact with the innovations it has brought. With the latest update, Siri and Spotify reconciled the duo Apple, iOS 14 release next year will release.

iOS 14 splits iPhone screen in half

This feature, which will delight those who prefer to navigate and work on multiple tabs at the same time, is at the very beginning of the road. Users will be able to write e-mails on the one hand and browse the web pages on the other.

If you need to send an additional file in the email you write, you will not waste any time. Because the software that divides the screen into two allows these jobs to be done at the same time. All you have to do is drag the file to the text you are writing.

The iOS 14 will be a bit different for iPhone users, because the ability to drag icons from iPadOS and macOS will come here. Users will be able to bring the icon of one application next to another running application to run it.

When we look at the concept footage of the new version, we can see that there are many other features that are in great demand: an incoming call does not completely block the screen and Siri does not fully control the screen.

Let us leave you with the concept video for iOS 14. What do you think about the innovations that are expected to be included in the release that is expected to come next year? Have a good time.

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