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First image from Honor Band 5

First image from Honor Band 5

Honor Band smart wristband category for a long time, taking its place in the 5th version is preparing to be renewed. The company manager shared some of the features of the device with the image.

The smart wristband market has attracted the attention of many companies with the success of the Xiaomi Mi Band series. One of them is Honor and the long-running Honor Band series. Looks like we won’t have to wait long to see the Honor Band 5. George Zhao, CEO of the company, shared some of the features of the new smart wristband with a social media account.

Measure the oxygen level in the blood

From the shared image, we will see no major changes in the design of the Honor Band 5. Looks a lot like the previous model. However, George Zhao underlined an important feature. In addition to the standard heart rate sensor, the Honor Band 5 can measure blood oxygen levels and detect fatigue, weakness, dizziness. Of course, standard features such as step counting and sleep tracking are still in place.

The Honor Band 4 was introduced at the same time last year as the Honor 8X. We know that the Honor 9X will be introduced on July 23. In other words, since the image is shared by the manager, we can see the Honor Band 5 in the event for Honor 9X. We will see whether the Mi Band 4 can be intercepted by Chinese fellow countrymen.


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