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Final decision on TikTok ban left after elections

Final decision on TikTok ban left after elections

As it is known, a ban was motivated by the Trump government for TikTok, which is owned by ByteDance, on the grounds of national security. During this period, time was given to sell TikTok to a company outside of China, and many companies, especially Oracle, had aspired to implement it. However, the final hearing, which will have the last word with the TikTok ban, was left to November 4, 1 day after the elections. This brought with it the issue that a possible Trump defeat could circumvent this ban.

In August, President Trump announced his plans to block the application if TikTok, which is owned by the Chinese firm ByteDance, is not sold to any American company. The date of 12 November was finally set for the ban, which was extended many times due to different developments, to come into effect. However, after the last hearing to be held on 4 November, there may be new developments. Because the judge who will make the decision on the subject has prevented the removal of the application from the Google Play Store and Apple Store for now.

According to the news of the BBC on the subject, Judge Carl Nichols stated in his decision on the ban that although there was evidence that the practice was a threat to national security, the possibility of TikTok to pose a risk was negligible.

On the other hand, President Trump stated that the application, which has millions of users in the United States, can only survive if Oracle and Walmart take over.

ByteDance has repeatedly denied the allegations of Beijing requesting data access on the issue. In addition to all these, the Chinese government has a trump card to prevent ByteDance from selling its shares to foreign companies.

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