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Final Beta was released on Android 11; last stage!

Final Beta was released on Android 11; last stage!

Android 11 Final Beta. The latest beta version of the new Google operating system was released for Pixel 2, 3, 3a and 4. This version will be the last to a stable version of Android. With the help of a message published on the official blog of Android developers, it was possible that the stable version was close.

Beta versions are released to quickly integrate application and game developers into the new environment. Therefore, innovations are aimed not at users, but at developers. Beta 2 was replaced with system resolve, and innovations in interface design were solved using Beta 3.

The most remarkable innovation that comes; that applications can use the new location method. If you want to know our position in Android versions so far, you should have opened GPS. This is no longer necessary, applications will be able to open GPS only for themselves. This will increase privacy and battery savings.

Other innovations include some optimization work so that developers can more easily improve their applications. The new beta that was published is our latest beta. After the Android 11 Beta version, we will finally meet with the decisive version.

To get a new version, you must download the appropriate update file for your Pixel device via Android Flash Tool. If you are an application developer, you must update the code editor to adapt to innovation.

Are you excited about Android 11? When do you think the decisive version will come out?

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