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Famous photographer chooses the best phone camera of the year

Famous photographer chooses the best phone camera of the year

The respected US technology culture magazine WIRED had the famous photographer Rebecca Scheinberg choose the best phones for 2020’s cameras. iPhone 12 Pro Max was placed at number one in Scheinberg’s list, which examined the flagship phones of 5 brands, including iPhone and Samsung.

Which smartphone is the best camera for?

WIRED asked the famous photographer to take pictures and analyze the results using the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, iPhone 12 Pro Max, OnePlus 8 Pro, Oppo Find X2 Pro and Google Pixel 5.

Scheinberg tested the performance of the 21 cameras on these phones in different environments. He tested the cameras in environments with less daylight, LED-lit environments and environments where the light is close to zero.

Scheinberg, who chose Huawei Mate20 Pro in 2018 and Pixel 4 as the ‘best’ camera phones in 2019, this time came up with a different result. The famous photographer pointed to the iPhone 12 Pro Max as the best camera performance phone of 2020.

“The phone can adjust the colors very well,” says Scheinbergs. Even as a result of my tests in low light conditions, there is a lot of detail in the photos. Last year, Pixel 4 beat the iPhone 11 Pro, but Apple has made improvements in this regard, ”he comments. Scheinberg also points out the ultra-wide feature in the phone’s camera. Speaking about the points he criticizes as well as the positive features, Scheinberg says that the ultra-wide angle feature of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is weaker compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and OnePlus 8 Pro.

On the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is selected as the camera champion of 2020, users are greeted by three cameras on the back of the phone. There is a telephoto camera with optical image stabilizer and a wide-angle camera as well as the main camera. While the resolution of all three cameras is 12 megapixels, you can apply 2.5x zoom with the telephoto camera, and you can get 120 ° wide angle images with the wide-angle camera.

Google Pixel 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

OnePlus 8 Pro

Oppo Find X2 Pro

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