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Facebook users reached 2.5 billion


Reaching 2.5 billion active users monthly, Facebook increases to 2.89 billion when all the networks it has are taken into account. The company has reached almost all internet users.

Facebook users reached 2.5 billion

Besides being the largest social network in the world, Facebook, which has the largest messaging platform and the largest photo-based social network, cannot be stopped. The firm manages to increase its revenues every quarter.

How many Facebook users are there?

The growth of Facebook is of course also related to the number of new users to the internet. It is certain that the number of internet users is increasing day by day, but it is an important factor.

Facebook revenues have reached $ 21 billion in the last quarter, and an increase of around 25 percent has been recorded on a yearly basis. Operating profit was $ 8.8 billion and net profit was $ 7.3 billion.

In this period, monthly active Facebook users rose to 2.5 billion. Daily active Facebook users became 1.66 billion. While the number of monthly active users of all social applications under the roof was 2.89 billion, the number of daily active users was 2.26 billion.

Throughout 2019, revenue generated by Facebook was $ 70 billion and achieved an impressive 27 percent rise. However, operating profit decreased to $ 23.9 billion and net profit to $ 18.4 billion due to compensation cases.

It appears that Facebook is badly affected by compensation cases. The company tries to ensure the confidentiality of user data with different measures. If he succeeds in this, he can increase his profit in 2020.

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