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Facebook is in trouble again with data scandal

Facebook is in trouble again with data scandal

Facebook is being sued again for failing to protect users’ data in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The Facebook data scandal in question emerged with the determination that the company collected the data of approximately 86 million people in the US elections in 2016 and gave it to Cambridge Analytica.

New lawsuit filed for Facebook data scandal

After complaints of information misuse by nearly 1 million users in England and Wales, it was decided to take legal action against Facebook. While the legal proceedings were initiated by the Facebook You Owe Us group, the social media giant did not make any statement on the issue. The group is also pursuing a similar case against Google.

According to the news of the BBC, Alvin Carpio, one of the representatives in the case, said: “When we use Facebook, we expect our personal data to be used responsibly, transparently and legally. However, we believe that Facebook is breaking the law because it failed to protect our personal information from misuse. ” used the expressions.

The lawsuit states that the company has not fulfilled its legal obligations under the 1998 Data Protection Act without permission. In October 2018, the UK’s data protection and monitoring organization fined Facebook 500,000 for its role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Later, the firm apologized for the incident and allowed users to find out which apps were looking at their data.

Google had agreed to pay $ 22.5 million in a lawsuit filed by the US Federal Trade Commission on the same issue in 2012.

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