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Facebook is closing QAnon accounts

Facebook is closing QAnon accounts

Facebook has decided to remove all accounts on its platform related to QAnon, a right-wing and Trump supporter. As a result of the FBI’s months of pursuit of the pro-Trump group, the most courageous step comments were made on the issue so far.

Facebook removes violent QAnon formation from its platform

According to the Forbes report, Facebook announced that it has started to remove pages that are identified as belonging to the QAnon community and containing images of violence from its platform with a news it announced on Tuesday. In addition, the social media giant stated that the Instagram accounts found to belong to the community will be deleted even if they do not contain any violent content.

Facebook announced that around 1500 pages and groups had been removed as of August. The social media platform announced that the main goal is to prevent those who organize with this formation.

The far-right community, which claims that the devil-worshiping global pedophilia gang conspired against President Trump, is very active on the sites, especially on 4chan.

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