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Facebook has withdrawn new support for iOS!


After a new statement by a Facebook spokeswoman, bad news appeared on Facebook about devices using the iOS operating system for the Lite application.

Facebook has withdrawn new support for iOS!

The Facebook Lite application was introduced by the social network platform some time ago and was presented for use by smartphones, especially low-system ones. Facebook announced a new solution for many operating systems and telephone systems. It was found that candidates who wanted to log into the application through the iOS operating system encountered a warning.

A version of “Lite” was released, developed by application developers so that they could easily use the platform on low-level smartphones. This application continues to be used frequently by many platforms.

Facebook is one of the most popular platforms in social networks in the world. This company’s decision about the Lite application was very interesting to many users.

“During our evaluations, we decided not to support our implementation of Lite on iOS devices in order to improve and improve our small experience in this process.”

It was stated that the company was entitled to less use in this decision. However, in 2017, Facebook reported that the application was used by more than 200 million people. However, in recent years, their operational capabilities have decreased. Currently, the platform does not want to provide additional support for the already small number of applications used.

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