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Facebook exceeds 3 billion users per month


Facebook, which increased the number of users in the last quarter, crossed the 2.7 billion threshold. Applications under the roof of Facebook reached 3.14 billion active users.

Facebook exceeds 3 billion users per month

The closure of people’s homes during the Pandemic had a positive impact on certain sectors, primarily on social networks. At the same time, social networks have increased the number of users and their incomes.

Facebook continues to grow in the second quarter. According to published data, the daily number of users connected to the Facebook network was 1.79 billion, which is 12 percent more per year.

The number of users connected to the network monthly broke the record of 2.7 billion and increased by 12 percent per year. The monthly number of active users of all applications under the Facebook roof was 3.14 billion, and the daily number of active users was 2.47 billion.

This affected Facebook’s revenues, which significantly increased the level of activity in the pandemic era. Revenue in the quarter rose 11 percent to $18.6 billion and profit rose 29 percent to $6 billion. The protest initiated by many firms against the platform does not look very effective.

Facebook notes that in the third quarter it is impossible to make a clear forecast. Since the pandemic is not controlled, there is uncertainty about what the next period will lead to.

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