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Facebook Closed 2 Billion More Fake Account in First Quarter


Facebook said that in the first quarter of 2019, 2.19 billion counterfeit accounts were detected and closed. The company considers this increase in fraudulent accounts as ‘automatic attacks of malicious people’.

As of March 31, 2019, Facebook’s monthly 2. We have to consider that it has 38 billion active users. Facebook accounts for 2.19 billion accounts in the first quarter, Facebook, five percent of monthly active accounts (about 119 million accounts) estimates that the fake.

Commenting on the subject, Facebook Analytical Vice President Alex Schultz “At once to create large-volume accounts of malicious people due to automatic attacks increased the amount of false accounts,” he said.

Schultz also said that they used three different methods to deal with the main problem with fake accounts: to prevent the creation of accounts, to delete accounts when signing up, and to remove accounts already on Facebook.

In addition, the machine learning and artificial intelligence systems, including spam, false accounts and more than 95 percent of harmful content including terrorist propaganda has been determined that Facebook, the objectives of ‘people in all things to protect the freedom of expression’ to transfer was passed.


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