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FaceApp complaints do not stop


Appearance switching application FaceApp has begun to create increasingly uneasiness. Senators are uncomfortable with the application sending data to remote servers.

FaceApp complaints do not stop

The FaceApp application, which has put people’s appearances in many different ways, has recently become famous again. At the same time, data privacy concerns have also started to increase.

Criticism grows

Last week it was revealed that the iOS application was not allowed, but was able to access the photo gallery. This week, the privacy agreement offered to users of the application was the subject of criticism.

As you know, FaceApp uploads a photo you want to change to the cloud service first. Then, in the cloud service, he shapes the photo by running the artificial intelligence algorithm. In order to be able to do so, the confidentiality agreement requires the user to have a continuous, irrevocable, worldwide and transferable license.

The Russian origin of the application raises concerns. New York senator Chuck Schumer thinks photos should be uploaded and processed in the cloud and investigated. Schumer says that because of its source in Russia, US citizens’ concerns about how their data is used and to whom they are transferred constitute national security concerns.

Schumer’s call to the Federal Trade Commission and the FBI has not yet responded, but it is not surprising that the authorities have taken action with the remarkable rise in implementation.


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