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Exciting design detail for the Vivo NEX 3


The smartphone industry is approaching a new design revolution. This revolution, called Full-Display 2.0, seems to be the first to be introduced with the Vivo NEX 3.

Exciting design detail for the Vivo NEX 3

Full-Display 2.0 is often introduced by Ice Universe, a robust leak source. Full-Display 2.0, which is said to have been canceled by Samsung, means completely frameless smartphone models with incredibly curved sides. At this point, the first model will be called Vivo NEX 3. The phone that comes out of the screen protector glass you see above, comes with almost 90 degree curved edges. As a result, the phone will carry a flexible display, and now it will look really amazing. But there are two different question marks. First, how to protect such a phone? It will be difficult to design a case and the model will look ugly comments come. Secondly, this much curvature will create unwanted touches. It is a matter of curiosity how the firm will solve this. Because some curved devices that are already sold can create unwanted touch problems. People think fewer curves are better.

Vivo NEX 3 can be one of the best in the year

This model is not expected to carry a screen notch. It is estimated that the company will use a motorized front camera with 90 percent chance of replacing it. Vivo, a pioneer with NEX in this regard, is not expected to put a screen hole in the new model. Because this model will be installed on a flexible OLED display. Only Samsung can use a “screen hole larda on these screens. As a result, the possibility of a small motorized camera hidden in the housing of the NEX 3 is quite high.


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