Everything about Amazon Fall Hardware Event

Everything about Amazon Fall Hardware Event
Everything about Amazon Fall Hardware Event

Amazon ran the hardware event. We encountered many new announcements here, and new devices have also appeared. Amazon signed Echo and its new flying security camera Ring were also among us as part of this event. In addition to new improvements and support for Amazon’s Alexa, the new cloud gaming service Luna has also been announced. Here is Amazon Fall Hardware Event and what to know:

What we came up with with the Amazon Fall Hardware Event

Amazon’s beloved Echo has both gained a global appearance and its design has been updated. The fourth generation Echo smart speaker introduced as part of the event brings a new globe design and improved sound performance. Dolby’s support will be available in three colors, black, white and steel blue, on October 22 for the incoming speaker, and will have a price tag of $ 99.

Amazon Echo 2020 introduced Here is the price and features

Echo Show 10 was also introduced as part of this event. This device, known as a smart screen, can detect and interact with moving objects, and can also recognize your face. The smart screen will appear before users with a price of $ 249.99. The pre-orders of the device, whose release date is not yet known, have started. Let us tell you that the device also supports Netflix for now.

Everything about Amazon Fall Hardware Event 1

Amazon also announced for its cloud game service Luna. In addition to Amazon Luna, which is an important competitor to cloud gaming platforms such as Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud, it also announced a controller suitable for this platform. Amazon also introduced the Luna Controller, which it says will have lower latency when you use it with “Cloud Direct” technology.

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The device, called Ring The Always Home Cam, can fly and return to the charging chamber when its battery starts to run out. Since it is designed as an in-house security camera, the propeller system is closed and the device draws attention with its different appearance. The device is expected to reach users at $ 249.99 next year.

Everything about Amazon Fall Hardware Event 2

The Amazon Fire TV Stick showed off its device that includes HD Streaming, Dolby Atmos and comes with the Alexa Voice Remote. The price of this device is $ 39.99. The simplified Alexa remote version costs $ 29.99. Both devices are available for sale on September 30.

Having also promoted for Fire TV, which has a new user interface, Amazon will launch this new user interface before the end of this year. In addition, the new Wi-Fi routing set Eero 6 and Eero Pro 6 were also announced. These devices that support Wi-Fi 6 can also work with Alexa. The Eero 6 will be available for $ 129.99 and the Eero Pro 6 for $ 229.99. Although the devices are currently pre-ordered, they will go on sale on November 2.

Amazon also announced its Alexa Guard Plus, which offers some new features in addition to the company’s free Alexa Guard security monitoring system. The system, which attracts attention with its monthly price of $ 4.99, will be offered to users soon.

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