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Electronic skin has been developed that can react to pain like human skin


Researchers at RMIT University Australia have developed a prototype of electronic artificial skin capable of perceiving pain and responding like human skin.

Electronic skin has been developed that can react to pain like human skin.

A team of researchers at RMIT University Australia has developed an electronic artificial skin that responds to pain as human skin. So far, artificial skin at the prototype stage can mimic the instantaneous responses of human skin and respond to painful sensations when nerve signals penetrate the brain.

Principal investigator Professor Madhu Bhaskaran spoke about the product that they developed: We perceive everything through the skin, but our reaction to pain acts only at a certain point, for example, when we touch something very hot or very sharp. Until now, no electronics could really mimic the human sense of pain. This is an important step towards the future development of the complex feedback systems that we need to offer really smart prostheses and smart robots. “

3 different technologies combined

Artificial skin capable of feeling pain can be obtained by combining oxygen materials with biodiversity flint to provide the same transparent, non-breakable and worn electronics as extraction. sheaths responsive to a temperature consisting of thin homing coatings, 1,000 times thinner than human hair, based on a material that turns into a response to heat, This was achieved with memory technologies that mimic the brain, created by electronic memory cells that simulate the use of the brain to remember and store previous information.

Some existing technologies already use electrical signals to simulate different levels of pain, but a new technology developed by RMIT University researchers could provide an accurate response to temperature and pain and provide the right electronic response.

The researchers recall that artificial skin electronic technologies are still in the prototype stage, and that their integration with existing technologies takes more time.

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