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DxOMark shares its opinion on the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s camera


DxOMark, which tested and evaluated the camera performances of smartphones, shared today about the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The platform stated that the camera of the phone will not be as good as expected.

Apple, which introduced the new smartphone series iPhone 12 on Tuesday, started taking pre-orders for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro yesterday. In addition, today, giant platforms, which will examine and evaluate the flagship model of the new series and share their opinions, have started to take the phones.

One of these platforms was DxOMark, which evaluates the camera performance of smartphones in fine detail and shares the results with users. The platform, which we have consulted many times before, made a pleasant share about Apple’s new series today.

iPhone 12 Pro Max review from DxOMark:

DxOMark shares its opinion on the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s camera

The platforms that took over the new iPhone models were not authorized to share any opinions or comparisons about the phones until October 21. However, DxOMark commented on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is the best phone in the series, rather than the phones that it received today.

The popular platform wrote that they doubted the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s telephoto lens would surprise them in a post on China’s social media Weibo. According to the sharing, neither the focal length of the lens on the phone increased to 65 mm nor the 5x optical zoom gave it an advantage over its competitors.

DxOMark’s sharing of this kind also caused the platform to react. Because this idea shared by the platform pointed out that according to some people, DxOMark was a little reluctant to give a high score to the camera performance of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

DxOMark did not give high marks to Apple’s latest iPhone models. The platform gave 117 points to Apple’s flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max, which Apple released last year, which pushed the phone to 16th place in the ranking. We’ll have to wait a little longer to see how many points DxOMark will give for its new flagship.

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