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DualSense surprise in iOS 14.3 Developer Beta 3!

DualSense surprise in iOS 14.3 Developer Beta 3!

iOS 14.3 Developer Beta 3 update released. We met iOS 14.3 Beta 2 2 weeks ago. Apple’s new iOS version, which came up yesterday with the FaceTime HD feature, again focused on visuals.

This version, whose update code is 18C5061a, is still in development, so it can only be tested by developers. Apple, according to information received, is working on a photo format called ProRAW.

What does the iOS 14.3 Developer Beta 3 update offer?

The above-mentioned photo format is reportedly being prepared for iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max users. Thanks to this feature, we will be able to use the functionality of settings such as tone adjustment, sharpening, and white balance more efficiently.

The file size of the photos taken with this feature, which can be activated via the camera application, is 25 MB. In addition, the Ecosia search engine, founded in Berlin, Germany, which helps plant trees for every search, can now be turned into the default search engine on both iPad models and iPhone devices.

From now on, it was announced that the Apple service, called Find, will also work compatible with third-party products that are not produced by Apple. It is not yet clear which products could benefit from the service.

The 44-year-old tech giant, which doesn’t neglect users who like to redesign its home screen, has changed the way the Shortcuts app works with its Home app. Shortcuts no longer need to be used to open an application created with shortcuts and has a special icon.

iOS 14.3 Developer Beta 3 allows DualSense, the controller for the PlayStation 5, and controllers for Amazon Luna (the gaming service) to be imitated by an iPhone. So we’ll witness that an iPhone can be used as a PlayStation 5 Controller.

Finally, it was reported that iPadOS 14.3 Beta 3 works compatible with a mode called Shared iPad. It is unclear whether these innovations will be permanent. We’ll have to wait for the iOS 14.3 update to find out.

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