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Details on the new Surface Pro 7 stylus

Details on the new Surface Pro 7 stylus

Microsoft’s Surface hardware event to be introduced at the beginning of October continues to provide more details about the Surface Pro 7.

It is now certain that Microsoft will introduce multiple Surface hardware on October 2. Prior to the introduction, as always, controlled leaks continue to occur. Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 7 tablet with the expected touch screen pen, or commonly known as stylus, the certificate obtained from the competent authority FCC revealed its hardware features.

Model No. 1853 and FCC ID C3K1853 numbers, the device first appeared with Bluetooth LE support. According to rumors, the u-shaped hanger on the new Surface Pen will have variable conductivity and will allow finger gestures to drag on the screen.

Microsoft’s “Active Stylus Motion Vector” USPTO patent published in February, will bring increased sensitivity. As in previous years, we do not expect Surface Pen to come with the Surface Pro 7 tablet this year. Microsoft will charge an extra $ 100-150 for this.


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