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Details about the SSD of Xbox Series X have been shared: speed increase up to 36 times!


A leak news about Xbox Series X has come from next-generation consoles, known for its very fast SSD storage solutions. The console’s SSD can offer 3.75GB / s sequential read and write speed.

Details about the SSD of Xbox Series X have been shared: speed increase up to 36 times!

As the market release dates of the new generation consoles approach, new details about the devices gradually emerge. One of the most exciting of these details is both Sony’s PS5 and Microsoft’s storage solutions for Xbox Series X.

It has been stated for a while that very fast SSD storage solutions will be offered on both consoles, which will bring revolutionary changes in the way games are presented. Following the bloody live Xbox images that appeared recently, a detail was also shared within the console’s SSD storage solution.

According to the leak, the accuracy of which has not yet been proven, Microsoft’s new console PS5019-E19 will come with the main SSD storage. The hardware in question is the 4th generation PCIe M.2 storage solution without DRAM.

Even with the PC side, the PCIe 4.0 support solution, which has just started to become widespread, will come with 2TB storage support within the shared information. Theoretically, the interface, which offers 3.75GB / s sequential read and write support, comes up with incredible figures compared to the previous generation Xbox’s storage solution, which offers 5,400 spin speeds. Offering a read and write speed of 100MB / s, the SSD of the box Series X is up to 36 times faster than the existing console’s storage solution. It should also be noted that PS5019-E19 reaches 440K IOPS read and 500K IOPS write values. The 28nm chip comes with an ARM Cortex R5 processor.

Of course, it is worth remembering that the above values ​​exist in theory. We will see the power of SSD altogether in real-world tests when the console is released.


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