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Dark mode heralds for Facebook iOS

Dark mode heralds for Facebook iOS

Provided by many applications and websites for a long time, dark mode has become indispensable for users. Finally, Facebook introduced the dark mode feature for the iOS version as well.

Dark mode heralds for Facebook iOS version

Although the usage rate of the young population in our country has decreased, Facebook still ranks first among the most preferred social media sites worldwide. After Instagram and WhatsApp purchases, Facebook’s popularity dropped steadily.

The company, which came up with many innovations in order to return to its old days, unfortunately could not get what it wanted. It was leaked in April, when the company started working on dark mode.

The company, which opened the dark mode feature for testing to some users in June, activated it for all iOS users after 400 days. The activation of the feature was announced by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter.

To activate the Facebook dark mode feature, simply click on the dark mode option in the Settings and Privacy tab. The dark mode feature is currently in Beta for the Android version. It is unknown when the company will activate for all Android users.

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