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Crazy claim for the storage space of iPhones!

Crazy claim for the storage space of iPhones!

When buying an iPhone, we need to be sure of the area we will use. Because we cannot increase the storage space of iPhones with an SD Card. Even though SD Card reader accessories with Lightning output work for data transfer, it is not possible to store system data. If the 512GB storage space Apple offers for iPhone is not enough for you, this news will please you.

iPhone storage space can increase to 1TB

Apple’s current flagship, the iPhone 12, comes in storage capacity options ranging from 128GB to 512GB. In the previous generation, the lowest storage space could be chosen as 64GB, but now this capacity will be seen as insufficient and it has been removed from the sale. “I hope you are ready for 1TB of storage,” Jon Prosser tweeted about leaking Apple’s new products. used the expressions.

If the information conveyed by the analyst is correct, the storage problem of some users seems to be resolved. Even 128GB of storage is enough for most users, while those who are constantly storing high resolution videos and photos may need 1TB of space. Those who want to take advantage of every feature of the phone and save a few GB of data in each application they use will be pleased with this innovation.

With the HDR video recording feature that comes with the iPhone 12, it shouldn’t be too difficult to fill 512GB space. In order to find out whether users will submit such a request, first of all, iPhone 12s need to be sold all over the world and become widespread.

Do you think iPhone storage space is enough?

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