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Contract to be Signed by ‘Apple Card’ Users

Contract to be Signed by ‘Apple Card’ Users

Before buying a card from banks, we need to sign contracts with a large number of pages and accept the obligations related to this card. Apple’s new payment method Apple Card to receive the contract that users must approve appeared in PDF format.

Silicon Valley giant Apple, from time to time with the introduction of new technologies comes to the agenda. The company, which announced the new payment method Apple Card in the past months, has collected positive feedback from its users.

Apple, the credit card replacement and the name of the card with a simple-looking card for Apple, Apple, investment bank Goldman Sachs went to cooperation with.

The Goldman Sachs website lists the terms and conditions of a document that Apple Card users have to sign in order to have an Apple Card.

This 15-page document details Apple ID and double-factor verification. This document can be found here.

Goldman Sachs, the bank where the monetary transactions will take place, has a remarkable statement. In a statement, Goldman Sachs mentions users with devices that have been tampered with or have jailbreaks in their software or hardware.

With devices that include jailbreak, users trying to log in to an Apple Card account may be limited to their accounts or will be closed completely to the conditions and conditions they have already accepted.

The fact that the physical Apple Card is made entirely of titanium makes the card stand out for its durability and uniqueness.


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