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Computer sales rose for the first time in years


With the end of the technical support of the Windows 7 operating system, the transition to Windows 10 devices is accelerating on the corporate side. The effect of this was great in the market.

Computer sales rose for the first time in years

Both the increase in component costs, the stagnation in the global economic situation and the frustration of the Windows 8 operating system buried the computer market in deep silence after 2011.

2019 was the turning point

Even though some quarters increased during this period, there was a decline throughout the year. Only the player equipment class has managed to maintain a steady rise. 2019 was the year in which misfortune changed.

According to Gartner and IDC analysis, the computer market closed 2019 with a 1.7 percent rise. Normally, IDC makes the analysis taking into account the Chromebook and iPad models. Gartner does not take them into account. In this respect, there was a difference in the analysis, but this time both are rising.

The traditional PC segment, including workstations, laptops and desktops, completed more than 70 million sales in the last quarter of last year and achieved a significant increase. The main reason for this was the acceleration of migrations on the enterprise side as the Windows 7 operating system had reached the end of its life.

This year, it is seen as important for sustaining the rise. The continuation of institutional transitions will help keep sales at a certain level. Perhaps by the end of the year a recession can be seen.


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