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Color-changing back cover design phone from Vivo!

Color-changing back cover design phone from Vivo!

There was a video about a smartphone with a rear cover design that changes the color of Vivo. Vivo attracts attention with the design of a color-changing smartphone.

Vivo color-changing smartphone design emerged

A brief video from the phone via Vaibo indicates an interesting design. Because the back door of this phone can change. Vivo uses electrocromic glass on the phone, and this affects him. The phone does not yet have a name or exit date, but even this feature allows it to pay enough attention.

In the general video, a device with a rear panel in changing colors appears. The technology for this is electric glass. For those who do not know, this technology can change the color and opacity of glass depending on the pressure on the glass. In general, engineer Vivo describes the technology used in the phone. Electric crumb glass is not a new technology, but we are not used to seeing it in the smartphone industry.

In another leaked video, a smartphone used to promote the technology looks like S7 5G Vivo, as seen from the rear camera module. Therefore, we can say that these technologies will be added to future Vivo smartphones. This is a low-power technology, so the phone does not cause problems, such as rapid charge consumption or heating.

Can you say that you attract attention using a smartphone that changes the color of Vivo, and see what features will appear on the phone in the coming days?

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