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Claim to be Introduced with the Names of iPhone 11, ‘iPhone’ and ‘iPhone Pro’


A coinX Twitter user announced that Apple may announce an iPhone 11 with the word “Pro at the end. coinX is known for its leak information about iPhone devices.

Twitter user coinX, renowned for his leakage information about iPhones, said in a tweet this morning that one of the new iPhone 11 models might have a “Pro” supplement at the end. One week before the launch of the iPhone XS series, coinX predicted the exact weight and the default wallpaper.

It is not yet clear whether Apple will include the “Pro” in the iPhone 11. Apple, the new XR model will be released “iPhone” and the 3-camera upper segment of the new model “iPhone Pro” may be called. Similarly, Apple can maintain the numbers used on older models and introduce the devices as “iPhone 11” and “iPhone 11 Pro or XS Pro da on the 6.5-inch successor to XS Max. In any case, this means that Apple will use “Pro for the first time in its phone series.

Claim to be Introduced with the Names of iPhone 11, ‘iPhone’ and ‘iPhone Pro’

Many improvements are expected for the iPhone 11

There is a lot of information circulating about the iPhone 11, which will be introduced next month. Based on this information, we already knew that the camera would have a third camera with an ultra wide angle lens. In addition, a new matte texture design can be found on the rear window. In addition, the iPhone 11 is said to have a similar appearance to its predecessor, the XS iPhone XS”

Many internal improvements are also expected for the new iPhone, where Apple clearly focuses on camera upgrades. These include precise interior positioning, a powerful 7 nanometer A13 processor and new antennas for two-way wireless charging. This allows users to easily charge their AirPods by placing them on the back of the iPhone.

All of this remains at the “rumor” stage for now. We will learn all about the device at the launch next month. iPhone 11 is expected to be introduced on September 20, 2019.


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