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Chinese breakthrough in space racing: The spacecraft landed safely!

Chinese breakthrough in space racing: The spacecraft landed safely!

China says I’m in the space race. This spacecraft, which recently appeared, attracts attention that it can be reused, but little is known about it. The news for the Chinese spacecraft says that it landed safely at its base two days later in orbit.

You know 4 in September, China launched an experimental Long March-2F launch vehicle. The car is hiding in secret, and this increases curiosity.

The Chinese spacecraft returned after two days

According to Chinese media reports, this machine provides a convenient and cheap way to get to space. As they say, the spacecraft landed safely. According to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, the machine was launched on September 4 and returned to base on September 6, spending two days in orbit.

Little is known about the spacecraft, including its basic design. There are no visible images of the aircraft, but there are rumors that the US Air Force has a space plane similar to a secret Х-37Б. According to the South China Morning Post, citing a Chinese military source, information about the mission cannot be provided, but curious people can look at the X-37B.

So what is the X-37B implied?

Today, the US Air Force unmanned space aircraft X-37B part of four secret missions with secret cargo in long flights in Earth orbit. This repeatable tool defines an “experimental test program” to demonstrate US Air Force space technology.

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