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Chinese 6G satellites launched, a new technology is born

Chinese 6G satellites launched, a new technology is born

China, seen as one of the largest technology centers in the world, seems to have great success with 6G satellites. Let’s look at all the details about the subject together.

China, which forms the 5G network throughout the world from Asia to the USA, seems to be a bomb on the agenda with 6G satellites. In this way, it is possible to say that a new technology is born. The world’s first 6G test satellite was launched for this purpose in a short time.

This new technology developed by “Chengdu Guoxing Aerospace Science and Technology” and “Beijing Weinaxingkong Technology will show us what can be done with 6G.

Chinese 6G studies arouse great interest

The new generation satellites, named Tianyan 05, will strive to provide 6G to the whole world. In this way, a similar application will be made with 5G as in the whole world. It will be evaluated what kind of communication type called Terahertz band can give.

Named Tianyan 05 by China, this satellite seems to be extremely functional. Again, according to Chinese sources; agriculture and animal husbandry, buildings under construction and disaster situations will be easily monitored and immediate intervention will be possible. In this way, another eye in space will keep track of everywhere.

As a result of trials with Terahertz capacity, the limits of this technology will be revealed more clearly. For now, everyone is wondering what China will use these technologies for. The US can again blame this country for its espionage activities. Do you think China will engage in dangerous business with this new technology? You can share your predictions with us in the comments section.

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