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Changing the Definition of Listening to Music Sony Walkman Celebrates 40 Years

Changing the Definition of Listening to Music Sony Walkman Celebrates 40 Years

In the summer of 1979, Sony announced the Walkman, which the world would soon admire, and redefined listening to music. Walkman, which inspired iPods, music players and many other devices in the 2000s, is celebrating its 40th anniversary today.

Exactly 40 years ago, the Walkman TPS-L2 name of the portable cassette player weighing 397 grams Sony announced, perhaps for many years to continue to produce these devices would not be loved all over the world. Walkman, which gave music freedom in terms of portability, was actually a technological device that could be produced as a result of successive technological developments.

In 1957, Sony made its first attempt for music players and began to take decisive steps to produce products in this field. Realizing that Philips should take a new initiative in 1963 when Philips made cassettes the standard for portable cassettes, the giant company introduced the Walkman TPS-L2 in the early 1970s, with the opportunity to make cassettes suitable for high quality music.

The Walkman TPS-L2, which attracts attention with its superior features than its competitors in the market, suddenly became the center of attention of the world. In addition to the cassettes featuring a single album, the so-called “mixed” cassettes, which record only the user’s favorite music, laid the foundations for playlists that we encounter in many applications today.

With the advancing technology, CDs have been replaced by cassettes, and Sony has launched the world’s first portable CD player, the Sony D-50 Discman. The giant company, which wanted to lag behind in competition with other companies producing products in this field, reached the top by offering Walkman MiniDisc and other products to the users.

With the technological revolution in the 2000, music has also changed and the arrival of the iPod has taken a tremendous blow. Although the digitalization of music has turned off such devices in recent years, the Sony Walkman is still in our minds, despite 40 years.


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