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Change the Name of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp


Facebook has recently been fined $ 5 billion for the “Cambridge Analytica” scandal, and will try to save the image of the brand by adding its name to Instagram and Whatsapp, which have suffered less scandal.

Facebook confirmed that the two most popular apps, Instagram and WhatsApp, have changed their name to better explain ownership of apps. Soon, Instagram will be referred to as Instagram from Facebook ve and WhatsApp will become sA WhatsApp from Facebook ”.

On Friday, The Information journalists mentioned Facebook’s effort to rebrand, and then it was approved by Facebook representatives. There is currently no statement from Mark Zuckerberg, founder and current CEO of the company, but Facebook spokesman Bertie Thomson said in a statement that the company “wants to be clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook”.

Change the Name of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

According to sources familiar with the subject, he said on Thursday that Facebook wants to rename a format they use for the collaboration tool Workplace, changing the names of Facebook’s Instagram and WhatsApp from Facebook. You will not already have a change in the menu and applications of your phone or tablet. The name change will be visible in the store.

Antitrust investigations, privacy concerns, security issues often on the agenda of the “Facebook” brand does not make it to gain popularity is almost certainly seen. Because this is already a brand name and a name associated with privacy scandals. Putting Facebook’s name into two of its most popular apps doesn’t make them more popular than they are, and can make users more aware of their security and privacy.

Facebook has not yet announced when the changes will take effect, but it is not difficult to predict soon.


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