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Bluetooth vulnerability discovered affecting millions of devices

Bluetooth vulnerability discovered affecting millions of devices

A research team at Purdue University in the US has discovered a vulnerability in which millions of devices are at risk via Bluetooth. According to the researchers’ report, this key has not yet been fully used.

Bluetooth vulnerability discovered affecting millions of devices

The name of the bluetooth vulnerability found by the US university was announced as BLESA (Bluetooth Low Energy Spoofing Attack). This vulnerability allows hackers to send fake data to devices.

This vulnerability, which affects devices running the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) protocol that conserves battery power, occurs after two devices using the same protocol have mutually verified during the pairing process.

Devices that check each other must control each other’s cryptographic key. However, this check may not necessarily be changed if you reconnect to BLESA. It can also be authenticated if the user device cannot cause the IoT device to verify the identity of the data being transmitted.

According to the researchers, this key in BLE has not yet been used by hackers. Researchers have discovered a vulnerability to the attack of BLESA (based on Linux), Fluoride (on Android) and iOS BLE. On the other hand, Windows devices were resistant to this attack.

Last June, Apple announced that it had turned off bluetooth called CVE-2020-9770. But an article published last month says Android is still vulnerable in the Android BLE test on Google Pixel XL.

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