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Bitcoin fraud on YouTube after Twitter

Bitcoin fraud on YouTube after Twitter

After bitcoin fraud on Twitter, Bitcoin fraud began on YouTube. As you know, the second channel of Spiritual Chenet was recently stolen and used for fraud. On some high-subscription television channels, this happens using a video shot under the name NASA News and with the name of Elon Mask.

YouTube criticized for the steps he did not take about fraud. John Prosser is a name that attracts attention from Apple leaks. Prosser recently shared on Twitter that the Front Page Tech YouTube channel was hacked. The channel was renamed NASA [NEWS]. Prosser, who announced this on his Twitter, asked for help by tagging YouTube.

The Front Page Tech account, which is currently closed, was released live one evening. The video from the account crushed by subscribers on the boat was shot. John Prosser says that the channel still earns $4 thousand based on Bitcoin.

An Apple analyst claims that after these complaints, all videos from the account were deleted, and then the channel was closed. It is not clear that this was done on the YouTube or scammers who were interested in the account. However, the fact that the YouTube does not behave quickly enough in such cases of hacking confuses them.

YouTube does not offer solutions for attacking channels with a large number of subscribers. In fact, the company kept people waiting a week to get their bills back. The popular content platform, ranked on the agenda with Bitcoin on the YouTube, remains silent.

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