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Bad news from court for WeChat users

Bad news from court for WeChat users

A group of WeChat users took the matter to the judiciary, arguing that the ban, which is on the agenda by the US government, would restrict freedom of speech. However, the trial judge stated that requests to block the ban seem unlikely.

Bad news from the judiciary for a WeChat ban

At the hearing in San Francisco, Judge Laurel Beeler responded to an appeal request by the Trump administration to block transactions regarding downloads and use of WeChat in America. Beeler stated that the steps to be taken to prevent the US government’s attempts to ban WeChat are unlikely to yield results.

No verdict was published in the case that took place on Thursday, according to The Verge. In addition, the Judge stated that the US government did not provide new evidence of national security concerns preventing WeChat from remaining active in the country.

American President Trump issued an administrative order to ban the practice in August. However, a group not affiliated with WeChat or Tencent claimed that banning the practice would violate freedom of expression and target Chinese Americans. Stating that WeChat is not an alternative application that does everything it does, users stated that the application is one of the most important elements of Chinese citizens living in the USA to receive news and participate in social life.

The application, which has approximately 1 billion users in the world, is estimated to have 19 million users in the United States.

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