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Bad news for free Google Meet

Bad news for free Google Meet

A new statement has been made about Google’s successful online video conferencing application Meet. As it is understood from this statement, there will be a new restriction on the use of free Google Meet. After Google’s previous statements, expectations seem to have changed.

Time limit to free Google Meet usage

First of all, Google made an important statement about the Meet application at the beginning of the pandemic process. It was stated that not only corporate accounts but also free individual accounts can use the online conference application. After this announcement, Zoom started to reach more users as its competitor.

Now, a statement has been made that the use of free accounts will be limited to 60 minutes. According to the statement made by Google, as of November 1, 2020, the maximum conference duration of free Google Meet usage will be determined as 1 hour.

Until now, free users could initiate video conferences with up to 100 people for unlimited time. As a matter of fact, there was a restriction on the duration, not the number of people. It is also a matter of curiosity whether new restrictions will be made in the coming days.

It seems that Zoom will continue to increase its influence against Google by October 2020. New information on this subject will continue to be on the agenda in the coming days.

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