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Atari is preparing to launch crypto money!

Atari is preparing to launch crypto money!

Atari, founded in 1972, is one of the companies that took the most part in the video games industry. The company, which entered many houses with Atari 2600, has achieved great success. More than 1000 games were offered to consumers with this console. Many games produced for Atari consoles belong to different developers.

Atari will launch its own cryptocurrency at the end of this month

Atari Token will be available on from October 29th. Each Atari Token will be priced at 25 Cent and initially a fixed coin limit of $ 1 Million will be offered to investors. “Our goal is to create a token that can be used by as many platforms and users as possible for the video game industry. Starting with smart platforms, games and casino games networks, we are constantly developing usage scenarios. made the explanation.

Atari announced at the end of last month that the first version of the new PC / Console hybrid device, the Atari VCS, will be sent to developers very soon. The company also sells this hybrid device for a price tag of $ 389.99 through its website.

It is not known how Atari, which has competitors such as Microsoft and Sony, will fight against two giant companies with such a hybrid device, but Atari aims to appeal to a different target audience with this console.

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