Asus sees ROG Strix SCAR 300 Hz!

Asus sees ROG Strix SCAR 300 Hz!

ASUS announced the ultra-powerful new model of the Republic of Gamers Strix SCAR family of gamers. 300 Hz refresh is no longer a dream.

The ASUS Republic of Gamers brand, which brings together technologies specially developed for gamers with the end user, introduced the new members of the renewed ROG Strix SCAR family to the end user. In the statement made by Asus, it was shared that the new Strix SCAR 15/17 model is powered by the 10th Generation processor and RTX 2080 SUPER series graphics cards with liquid metal components that support cooling on the hardware side. In addition to the advanced keystone technology, it was stated that there were some important changes in design details thanks to the cooperation with the BMW Designworks Group.

Dream gaming experience with 300 Hz refresh

It was also stated that the new Strix SCAR model offers ambitious solutions in screen resolution and panel technologies with 300Hz screen refresh. The detailed explanation made by the authorities is as follows.

It was stated that the new models of the Strix family, which were introduced to the market last year and won the appreciation of the users, have some important innovations in the design and hardware side, and the new Strix SCAR 15/17 series will now be referred to as 532/732 model codes.

Stating that they have further developed the cooling systems they developed for high-end devices with the Strix SCAR model, ROG officials also stated that they aim to maximize the experience of their customers with the advanced panels they offer on the screen side. It was underlined that in addition to the air ducts on the side, under screen cooling ducts that will now allow more air flow are added.

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At the same time, they have developed an IPS level FHD display with 300Hz 3ms response time with high-end panels they have developed on the screen side. They stated that the device eliminates the need for an external monitor and maximizes the customer’s mobile experience.


In the continuation of the statement made by the company, it was said that with the Strix SCAR 15/17 (532/732), users will find an advanced version of the keystone technology, which users once again met with Strix SCAR.

Emphasizing that they offer users a new, versatile technology to personalize their computers and protect their personal data, thanks to this technology called ‘Keystone’, ASUS said that this physical NFC-enabled external part is magnetically attached to a thin input on the side of the computer’s chassis, and Strix SCAR 532 / It is stated that it works in full compatibility with 732.

As soon as the Keystone is activated, the computer can change itself according to different effects and game-specific profiles by adjusting itself to user-defined custom settings. In addition, it also provides access to hidden Shadow Drive for confidential and private storage.

While sharing the information that quality aluminum alloy metal is used in the case design, it is said that this case with a solid body is also designed with BMW Designworks Group and contains some innovations that will attract the attention of users visually.

In this part of the explanation, it was stated that Strix SCAR has transparent edges and transparent WASD keys to emphasize the keyboard. It was noted that Aura Sync compatible devices can be connected and the colors and effects in the game environments can be personalized according to the personal.

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It was reported that this device with a 10th generation Intel processor, which is stated to be presented with the new NVIDIA RTX SUPER technology, has reached the highest level of today’s hardware technology. It was underlined that SCAR 15/17, which has been offered for sale in our country as of this week, is a product that will exceed all expectations of users with its cooling and display technology solutions.

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