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ASUS Introduces New AIoT Solutions at CES 2020


ASUS introduces the latest AIoT solutions for artificial intelligence supported edge computing applications.

ASUS Introduces New AIoT Solutions at CES 2020

The new line of AIoT applications is designed for a variety of real-time artificial intelligence end-to-end IT applications, from consumer robots and smart vending machines with artificial intelligence to video conferencing and camera systems with artificial intelligence.

ASUS Mini PC PN61T developed for AIoT has been tested for 24/7 operation under different conditions. This mini PC; It comes with processor options up to Intel® Core i7 models and built-in Google Edge TPU, as well as a machine learning accelerator that makes it easy to develop connected devices and smart applications by increasing processing efficiency and reducing power demand.

The dual microphone array on the front provides audio input support, while the consumer-grade infrared sensor offers the possibility to use remote control applications on the PN61T. Thanks to the silent cooling fan, the Mini PC PN61T does not make extra noise, making it the perfect choice for a variety of artificial intelligence endpoint usage scenarios.

The Mini PC PN61T offers comprehensive and high-speed connectivity options with a large number of ports. The front features additional USB ports, including an easily accessible USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C port, a Micro SD card reader, and a USB Type-C port for fast charging. In the back, there is one HDMI input and a configurable input (COM, VGA, DisplayPort, Intel LAN and Thunderbolt 3 selectable) that can be used for legacy inputs, additional displays or network connections. With its handy sliding frame design, dual storage, compact and stackable, the PN61T is designed for flexibility and a modular handling experience.

The Tinker Edge series consists of Tinker Edge T and Tinker Edge R, ready for artificial intelligence. These small-sized products, which are powerful single board computers (SBC), offer advanced user experience for developers. In addition to the Tinker Edge series multi-core ARM® Cortex® processor, GPU and multimedia processor (support up to 4K on the Tinker Edge R), GbE offers an ideal choice of small size high-end expansion options with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPIO pins. IoT is becoming the end device. The NXP i.MX 8M SoC on the Tinker Edge T and the Rockchip RK3399 PRO on the Tinker Edge R get both devices ready for artificial intelligence. The Edge TPU on the devices provides high performance and low power consumption for the optimal artificial intelligence interface.

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