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ASUS Announces Refurbished B450 Motherboard Models

ASUS Announces Refurbished B450 Motherboard Models

ASUS ‘renewed B450 motherboards can be a good alternative to the slightly higher priced B550 models.

ASUS has refreshed all B450 motherboard models for the current Ryzen 3000 series and the upcoming new Ryzen 5000 series processors. Major upgrades include better memory overclocking support, a larger capacity BIOS chip (possibly 32MB ROM) that allows more CPUs to be supported in the BIOS without sacrificing BIOS quality or features, and upgraded ports such as USB 3.2 Gen 2. In addition, some of the renewed models feature advanced power distribution systems.

ROG Strix B450-F Gaming II

If we take a look at the new ROG Strix B450-F Gaming II, we see a new 8 + 4 phase power distribution system similar to some mid-range B550 cards from ASUS. Thus, top model processors such as Ryzen 9 3950X or Ryzen 9 5950X can be used more smoothly. In addition, memory support up to 4400 MHz has been offered. All USB 3.1 ports are being upgraded to 3.2, and finally there is support for BIOS flashback.

TUF Gaming B450-Plus II

TUF Gaming B450-Plus II received a similar upgrade with a power distribution system upgraded from 4 + 2 phases to 8 + 2. In other words, it is possible to run Ryzen chips that draw high power without facing any more overheated VRMs. On the other hand, two M.2 slots are included, one to run at Gen 3.0 and the other at Gen 2.0 x4 speeds. In summary, though not as fast as Gen 3.0, it is significantly faster than SATA 3 limits. At the same time, all USB 3.1 ports have been upgraded to USB 3.2.

TUF Gaming B450M-Pro II

ASUS made fewer changes to the TUF Gaming B450M-Pro II model. This card already has a good VRM structure and can reach 4400 MHz memory frequencies. The only changes are ports upgraded to USB 3.2 and an additional DisplayPort output.

TUF Gaming B450M-Plus II

With Asus’ TUF Gaming B450M-Plus II, the DRAM frequency speed from 3466 MHz has been increased to 4400 MHz. In addition, the USB 3.1 ports have been updated to USB 3.2.

Prime B450-A II

Similarly, the Prime B450-A II motherboard has gained 4400 MHz memory support, while the memory capacity has increased from 64 GB to 128 GB. While a heatsink was added to help cool the components on the motherboard, the VRM solution remained the same.

Prime B450M-K II

Last in line, Prime B450M-K II has also received minor upgrades, like the B450-A, including 4400 MHz RAM frequency support and an additional HDMI output. Let’s add without forgetting that both Prime cards have gained USB 3.2 connection support.

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