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Astonishing $ 3,000 iPhone 12 case!

Astonishing $ 3,000 iPhone 12 case!

There are some special series or special designs for smartphones. At this point, Caviar, known for its luxurious designs, may come to mind first. Also appealing to very few people with its luxurious designs, GRAY produced cases for the new iPhone 12 family equipped with titanium material and looking very stylish. The most striking aspect of these limited production cases is that they come up with a price tag of 3 thousand 500 dollars. Here are the stunning titanium iPhone 12 cases:

Titanium iPhone 12 cases look quite different

GRAY signed iPhone 12 cases are now included among the special production products that need to be paid. These cases, which have been produced in 1000 in total, are surprising with the fact that they are already running out of pre-order.

This case, which has an aviation grade titanium reinforced version, allows you to see the general lines of the phone without distorting the design, because most of this cover exposes the phone. Let’s say that the cover that covers the four corners of the phone also provides a cross protection on the back.

The model, which is positioned as the top level of these cases, which acts as a “phone frame” rather than a phone case, makes the model astonishing with a price tag of 3 thousand 500 dollars. These cases, offered in different colors and for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, also meet users with aluminum options other than titanium. These cases are offered to users in the lowest plan with a price of $ 1,399.

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