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ARM-based Huawei PC appeared!

ARM-based Huawei PC appeared!

It was said that Huawei, which had various problems with the USA, would produce a desktop computer with its own processor. In fact, we discussed these allegations in one of our news in the first half of the year. Now, some details have been leaked for the Huawei PC with the ARM-based Kunpeng 920 processor. The desktop computer named Huawei MateStation B515 is expected to be announced soon.

Details leaked Huawei MateStation B515 with Kunpeng 920 processor

Apple recently introduced new computers powered by its own processors. We will see a similar step from Huawei. However, Huawei will appear with a desktop computer. Some details about the computer have already emerged.

Huawei PC will get from Kunpeng 920 processor, which was introduced earlier this year. When the company introduced this ARM-based processor, it defined it as higher performance than Intel Core i9-9900K. When we look at the technical values of the processor; We see that it came out of the 7 nm production process, has a 64-core structure and a frequency of 2.6 GHz.

On the graphics card side of the device, it is expected to use AMD R7 Radeon 430. Also for the main board of the device; It is claimed to have four UDIMM slots with support for 64GB of DDR4 RAM, six SATA 3.0 and 2 M.2 SSD slots.

Also Huawei MateStation B515; It will come with a monitor with FHD resolution, 23.8 inches in size and 178-degree viewing angle. The case of the computer 8 has a compact structure.

The operating system of the device is estimated to be Linux. There is currently no information about the price.

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