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Approved Amazon Internet project from space

Approved Amazon Internet project from space

A new Internet project developed by Amazon has been critically developed. With this development, Amazon officially competes with SpaceX to distribute the Internet with satellites.

Amazon Kuiper Internet project officially approved

The FCC, the U.S. authorized communications organization, the Federal Contact Commission, recently approved a project permit issued by Amazon. After that, the Amazon will get access to the Internet with satellites that it will send into space.

At the moment, there are not many details about the new Internet distribution network, which Amazon calls Kuiper Project. According to available information, it is planned to create a network of 3 thousand 236 satellites. There are explanations by which these satellites are planned to be sorted in orbit in 3 different places.

It follows from the FCC license that in 2026 Amazon will be able to begin the spread of the Internet from space with half of the total number of satellites. The project will continue until 2029.

Recall that the company SpaceX, headed by Elon Musk, is also actively working on a project that will allow the delivery of satellites and the Internet to space around the world. After FCC approval, SpaceX joined Amazon.

This makes these projects very important for the future. During these periods, new developments will continue.

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