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Apple’s new face mask appeared

Apple’s new face mask appeared

Apple’s new work on the pandemic process continues to appear. Now there are details about working with the Apple mask. As it turned out, Apple does not want to limit itself to working with a technological pandemic.

Details about Apple mask design revealed

Recently, it was reported that a team of Apple designers from Cupertino developed two different masks. For one of them, the name Apple Face Mask is used, and for the other, the name Apple ClearMask is used.

Now Apple, Face Mask Apple and ClearMask Apple aren’t intended for end users. As it turned out, it was designed as a mask designed for corporate needs. It seems that the end consumer lacks products that are sold directly through the Apple Store.

In addition, Apple says that only one design process is valid. This does not mean that Apple produces and sells the design of Apple Face Mask and Apple ClearMask. Apple will work on the design of a mask for companies.

Recall that earlier Tim Cook revealed details related to the order of a person developed by Apple. At that time, Apple attracted attention. Now, it seems, he intends to come up with another solution with a face mask.

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