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Apple, will take 2000 people to Seattle

Apple, will take 2000 people to Seattle

Although revenues have fallen recently, Apple continues to move at full speed. In the city of Seattle, a new employment area of ​​2000 people will be created by 2024.

Although the hardware side does not achieve the expected level of the latest Apple Arcade or Apple TV + on the software side of the company’s face laughs. In this respect, new recruitments are shifted to this area.

Great workforce

Apple has been known to have built a new office building in Seattle for some time. There is already a workforce of 500 people in this building. By 2024, Apple would employ about 1000 people in this building. Now he plans to double that number.

The Seattle building normally focuses on Apple stores and artificial intelligence methods. An extra 1000 people will focus on the software and hardware side. It is stated that this team will contribute to the new software services. For the new workforce, Apple plans to rent a plaza with two 12-storey buildings.

This will provide a total of 2000 jobs to the city of Seattle. Benefiting from tax amnesty last year, Apple had pledged 20,000 jobs in the country by 2023. San Diego, Los Angeles and Austin will also employ more than 6,000 people by 2022.


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