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Apple will give developer support in the fight against racism!

Apple will give developer support in the fight against racism!

Apple, known as one of the largest technology companies in the world, is preparing to provide developer support in the fight against racism. Let’s look at all the details of the project together.

Apple, a US-based company, is starting a new era in the fight against racism. This project, initiated by the firm with great responsibility, will be supported by a wide audience. The first step to be taken by Apple will be to donate $ 25 million to Historical Black Colleges and Universities. Thus, it is aimed to combat inequality of opportunity.

As you may remember, a huge action was carried out by black people in the USA and this action made a serious noise. Companies like Apple have started to take responsibility to prevent this and similar turmoil from happening again.

According to the statements made by the company, developer training will be given in regions where black people live predominantly. It is planned to include trainings such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, agricultural technologies, social justice and entertainment arts in this field.

It is of great importance that black citizens in the US and other countries are able to access existing technology without any disruptions and improve themselves. Together with the Apple developer academy, an environment where they can improve themselves will be presented. Detroit city center is an important place in this regard.

In addition to all this, according to another statement made by Apple, minority companies will receive support at the level of $ 25 million. In this way, it will be easier for them to develop themselves and compete. Apple agreed with the Clear Vision Impact Fund on this issue.

All these investments and supports enable the company to create a positive image. Image is extremely important for companies like Apple. Do you think these aids to be made by the company will be able to provide significant support? You can share your predictions with us in the comments section.

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