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Apple will enter underwater photography with iPhone!

Apple will enter underwater photography with iPhone!

The development, which is very important for underwater photography at the point of Apple’s iPhones, is based on a 2017 patent application. The US Patent and Trademark Office has published 63 patents that Apple has already received. Among these patents, the name “iPhone for underwater imaging” draws attention. The iPhone idea for underwater photos looks really interesting.

What Apple has been working on for a while may be coming true. Because with the patent obtained by Apple, it may be possible to shoot with an iPhone camera up to a depth of about 18 meters.

iPhone may come for underwater photos

As you know, it is possible to take underwater photos with most of the new iPhones. The water-resistant iPhones show resistance up to 2 meters. In the new patent, users will be able to take pictures with iPhone even at a depth of 60 feet, approximately 18 meters.

It makes it difficult to take photos with phones due to its sea and ocean structure. This application of Apple, which aims to overcome this structure that forces phone cameras, points to a new iPhone feature or a new iPhone model. Deep in the sea or ocean water are different chemicals, plankton and other materials that blur the water and make it extremely difficult to take pictures.

Apple to solve these problems; an accurate light sensor, sensors that measure depth and distance, etc. It works on many new features.

The new color ambient light sensor to be added is said to be able to measure ambient light spectra underwater and outside. In addition, the iPhone is said to be able to measure and evaluate the level of turbidity underwater and then give a suitable light. The ability to adjust the color is expected to make a big difference in underwater photography for phones.

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