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Apple will continue to use the notch in its iPhone 13 series as well

Apple will continue to use the notch in its iPhone 13 series as well

It has been claimed that Apple will also use the notch in new iPhone models, which it will launch next year. Here are the latest details on the Apple iPhone 13.

Apple recently launched its new iPhone line-up. The general expectation was that the notch design would change slightly with the iPhone 12 models. It was expected to shrink slightly, even if the notch did not disappear completely. But Apple came up with the same notch design again.

As a matter of fact, the same questions occurred in the minds of Apple users. When will this notch design change? According to some analysts close to Apple, Apple will continue to use the notch next year.

It has been claimed that the notch design will continue in the iPhone 13 model, which will be released next year. Apple wants to make a significant move on the design side, and the main innovative models will be introduced in 2022.

Apple iPhone 13 will also come up notched

According to analysts close to Apple, the Cupetino-based company plans to design a fully notched iPhone model in 2022. The new iPhone 14 will use an end-to-end notched screen. The camera and sensors will be placed at the bottom of the screen. Apple has already started working on this.

Of course, these are just claims for now. We’ve also come across a lot of news and reports that the notch will crumble on the iPhone 12. But Apple hasn’t made any moves on the notch side. So it’s a little early to talk about the iPhone 13 when the iPhone 12 has just come out.

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