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Apple Watch Series 6 surprise at Apple Event!

Apple Watch Series 6 surprise at Apple Event!

Today, Apple officially announced the date of the Apple event in September. On September 15, a clue appeared on Apple’s YouTube channel about Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple Watch Series 6 surprise at Apple Event!

According to Guilherme Rambo, the metadata for Apple videos on the YouTube contains several keywords. This data indicates that the 12 Apple Watch Series 6 will be presented not only on the iPhone 12, but also on the iPhone Series.

Bloomberg also said that today, September 15, he will not participate in the iPhone presentation. Apple plans to introduce new models of Apple Watch and iPad. A separate event for iPhone 12 is expected to take place in the fall, probably in October. This reinforces the likelihood that the name of the event does not contain the word Special. Apple introduced all new iPhone models called the “Apple Special Event.”

Among other metadata are videos “iOS,” “Mac,” “Mac,” “App Watch,” “Series 5,” “Series 6,” “CentiPad,” “MacBook,” “MacBook Pro,” “Fitness,” “Wellness,” “Illustration,” “Apple.” There are also additional metaphors such as TV, AirPods, Apple Action, Apple Keynote, WWDC, September, an exclusive Apple and Lansman event.

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